You can read about our everyday life, Our girls Dogshow, Obedience, Rally and Agility results and see photos from our Herding courses - I hope we shall meet again soon!



January 23. 2016

Activity - Core training, and again a new course at Mugges team. It's going really well, and Leeza is just as happy as at the last course. I bought different equipment from Firpaws and all of us girls in the house using all from Fitpaws.

Will try that a team to be able to start up, and I will buy more equipment for example Peanut, which has a myriad of options for various good and fun exercises for the girls and the team, Balance pads and bones which can be laid in a circle or balance cushions and rocker boards are mixed between each other - There are countless possibilities with the equipment.


Leeza first time at the Donught


January 15. 2016

Congratulations - Our adorable M is birthday today and she is now 10 years old. The day is celebrated of course with lovely walk in the snow, as we have lots of currently, bones, and birthday present from Maxi Zoo and Paw Club, which we are a member of. The present will be given from the shop on the birthday. We are so incredibly happy for every day we have with M and Rose, now that they have moved into old age and become veterans, Leeza is the youngest. M has its funny personality and speaks with his whole body. M is very clever and quickly calculates everything out especially how to get treats from the kitchen drawer, how to avoid her bath and wash the paws, when kitty (the cat) is out, and M can look at kitty for hours. All the best for our M on this day.
The loop M has on the top have been sent by United States from Clara Delvalle, as a present.



June 19. 2015

Congratulations - Our Princess Rose's birthday today and is 12 years old. We are very happy for every day we have together with Rose, such a special girl with lots of charm and a great personality. Rose loves her shopping trips, and each time, a toy along for the trips, and is there not just a teddy bear - So is the father's shoes to be with. All of us wish you a very happy birhtday and best day in the sunshine at the fields wit Em and Leeza!


Rose loves her shopping trips, and each time, a toy along for the trips, and is there not just a teddy bear - So is the father's shoes to be with!


May 1. 2015


April 27. 2015


February 7. 2015

New Year's cure - At Anne´s place and all the shepherds. We met at. 10 o´clock with our dogs, and those who wanted to herding went out to the fields, and those who wanted to walk the dogs went towards the beach. The weather was indeed wonderful, so it was a pleasure to be on the field. Leeza work really well, and all the input from the course with Larry Painter was certainly not forgotten torques I reviewed progress as they should. The outrun worked really well, and Leeza has begun again to commute behind the sheep.
We all had each a dish with for lunch. all ate well, because there was very good food. We had a visitor from Sweden, it was Katinka with her Cattle Dog, Katinka will return to herding camp in July.


January 24. 2015

Activity - Obedience Course with Lea Nor a whole day from morning to late afternoon. I go to many courses and have with me home a lot of good learnings out of it. Today I got good ideas to refine step exercises and remote control. I am still working with the joy in healwork and Leeza is now so happy that she jumps up at me and around me but it's just a plus because it is easier to work with a happy dog. Self-control course in december last year at Mugge Pinner has given Leeza a LOT of confidence. Throw Technique and return to sender I have also worked with today, and Leeza must hold the dumbbell and I got good exercises, and it'll probably succeeded. Now I am looking forward to the work ahead with the different exercises. About Leeza, Leah said that she was super good at her workouts but just missing the last præsion.


January 15. 2015

Congratulations - Our lovely Emma's birthday today and M is 9 years. We are thinking of course of all M's littermates. The days go by too fast. In the picture below which was one of the first pictures we took. Rose plays with you and Jonas watching over you!

The most adorable expressions and the entirely black eyes M


 December 1. 2. and 3. 2014

Herding clinic with Larry Painter from the United States - 3 days from early morning to late evening, and when we are in the dark time, and it gets dark very early, there was the occasion light on all the fields. The clinic this time was extremely rewarding for me. I got exercises in the outrun both away and gobye, driving, fetch, exposes on the field and commutte. Leeza know and perform all the exercises well but I wanted to get more of tools to improving. Exposes on the field can be a challenge for the dog, so Larry created a set up where several of the clinic participants were placed on the field, and one participant stood by sheep, it was an succes and the whole clinic was an succes and I will look after Larry next time he visit Denmark og Europe.



The day begin very early with breakfast then lunch and last coffee with homebaked cake and small talk about dogs and exercises.




Here I am before exercises I use the long robe to correct better for both away and gobye.




Larry and I talks about the exercises and about using cones.






Here I exercise driving, fetch and tempo.




Driving and tempo down as here!




We had a great time all the clinic participants and it was wonderful to met new hrders.



November 03. 2014

Exhibition: Have just returned from a long but very pleasant weekend in Herning, along with dog friends from both Denmark and Sweden, Britt-Inger helped to exhibit Leeza on Saturdays and Rose on Sunday, and Geron her husband took several very good pictures of Britt-Inger and I in the showring. 2 long exhibition days with good planning and good overview partly from myself;O)) but also DKK (danish kennel club) had again this year done well. Main ring again this year was the setting for the final competitions and awards of the year dogs in a beautifully decorated and very nice ring with subdued lighting and nice presentation of the dogs in the main ring, which this year was live streamed so everyone "outside" could keep up with the show. Rose was rated the both Saturday and Sunday in the Veteran class and was awarded Saturday 2 nd best bitch with CK, Sunday Rose was also awarded a prize by the American judge Edy Dykstra-Blum with a CK and thus also the title DKVV2014. Leeza won the Champion class with CK and was also awarded the Best Female and thus was titled DKV2014. It was a super nice surprise and I was very happy. Edy wanted a bitch that was feminine - in good condition, in good coat with well undercoat and good movement - A show dog. Leeza was BOS in the final competition in the ring 36, this weekend. Getting one DKV title home from the show is great but getting two titles with is overwhelming.


I'm very happy for the pictures, which I think has become really good and very natural. Photo: Wiegaarden

October 10. 2014

Congratulations Our beautiful High Jack Va-Va-Voom Leeza has a birthday today and fills 6 years. Happy birthday littlesister

Kennel Bright House wishes congratulations to all her siblings

photo taken at Leeza´s 3 years birthday


October 3. 2014

Unbelievable - Time flies, it has been summer and the holiday are over. 2 LP (Obedience) competitions and two exhibitions are also over.
Unfortunately, Rose got an infection of ticks / tick-borne but fortunately she defeated this infection, unfortunately, the infection was at its peak when Rose was up in LP2 and did not pass the test.
I am in the process of finding images from herding camp, and there have been training day in Sweden along with other bearded, it was a nice day.
Now I wait fore a course "Heelwork" under Anja with Marianne Jensen Karlebo, and I shall return to this page with images and events.

July 13. 2014

Activity - Obedience training today within the next trials will take place - Great training tire girls

"We are tired"

"We are still tired"


June 29. 2014

Herding - A BC club arrangement today at Anne´s place Team Egemosen was a success for all the club members and they decided that a new event will take place in September. Leeza had a super day and the tasks on the field succeeded for her


June 28. 2014

Obedience - Leeza participated in Obedience trial class 2 today whitch  was a success - Leeza passed the test with 1. prize and is now certified to advance to class 3.


June 19. 2014

Birthday - Our princess Rose 11 years aged today 

Lovely girl always full of "speed"

photo taken in Vejen 2013


May  11. 2014


May 4. 2014











April 17. 2014

Today is Maundy Thursday, and we've all been to Hornbaek beach with Joy and Jørgen and all the bearded boys. Girls and boys enjoyed the walk in good weather on the beach. The girls were swimming at the waters edge, and they enjoy run and play, they enjoyed being with each other. After the beach walk we got coffee and all beardiser got water before Joy and I went on shopping in all the stores. We ended with lunch in Hansen's cafe on Havnevej - Hornbæk's oldest house, with room for only 10 tables, it was a very good meal, we all agree. I have photographed with Garmin Virb as video and have no photos from the trip. Jørgen took many pictures, so maybe I can get one of Jørgen´s pictures to the site here?


March 12. 2014

Activity - Leeza was today


February 22. 2014

Show Of Winners - Rose has again taken part at the dogshow on Saturday night with dinner and prizes for the most winning dogs in the Danish dogshow




January 15. 2014

Emma - Our lovely and quite an only M, Artisan First Frost birthday today and is 8 years. Here we are at the airport Charles De Gaulle in Paris - We just picked up M at Northwest airlines, waiting for a plane to Copenhagen.


November 3. 2013

Show - Rose has today been exhibited in Herning DKK Int dog show and took her last CAC and is now Danish Champion

Rose 3 years, the photo is from a BCK club show under judge J. Spurrier


October 10. 2013

Agility - Leeza has today had her debut in agility at HKL club. She really likes to jump and she's awfully quick to learn the exercises. I am are starting with a small T-lane with 3 jumps straight out. I can then use this lane in many ways, and teaches herself to run forward and to act her on the left and right sides. She also learns that sit in front of the jump and wait for a start command. It is very succesful.


October 10. 2013

Our Baby Leeza High Jack Va-Va-Voom is 5 years old today - Time goes


August 14. 2013

I and Leeza have been on holiday with Ulrika and Putte in Tubbarb Ronneby and Ulrika took these pictures of Leeza and I. It is always wonderful to be with Ulrika, who had made ​​the cottage ready for us.

Glamorous images of Leeza taken by Ulrika

Leeza is listen to me, I said - Goodie girl


June 19. 2013

Happy Birthday princess - Beautiful Rose is 10 years old today, and still she is as a young dog. Very happy and very active. Today we celebrate the day with good friends and eat pancakes, tomorrow we celebrate the day on the agility course and will share out of cream puffs



June 16. 2013

Dog show - Our Leeza was on Saturday at the DKK Int Dog show in Vejen placed as Best Bitch with CACIB and Leeza achieved  in just 13 months, the title International Champion



June 6. 2013

Activity - Obedience with Leeza at Dog and Training - Hanne Skaarup in Tostholm near Stenlose. Leeza is about, to find the joy of LP work again, and I also begin to enjoy exercise and have also found the joy again. I'm working on, later this year or early next year, to pass an Class 2.



Play between exercises

May 26. 2013

Boots - Have added a new link to the site - Boots By Bright House fore your Bearded Collie.


May 22. 2013

This beautiful drawing - Of our 3 girls Leeza - Rose - Emma is drawn by Anton Nielsen, who lives across from us on our way in our city. I'm very grateful for this drawing of the girls, and I know that Anton am very pleased with the result. Anton got 3 different photos of the girls, and in this drawing had them placed very well side by side - Thanks Anton.


May 14. 2013

Boots By Bright - The latest boots I have made, and which are sold abroad. Black and Beige with beige velcro band and straps with name and care labels - Do I fit really well in the color to our Bearded Collie whether it is black or brown then they are really good in color. The boots cost 300.00 Danish kroner inclusive of shipping.



May 1. 2013

Leeza has been on her first go abroad - Finland, together with Anneli Dahl and her sibling Yikes, we were at the International show in Lahti, where judge Rony Djedens from Holland should judge the breed. Leeza was placed as best bitch and got both CAC and CACIB, which she needs to have to her international champion title. Leeza ended the show - BIM of 28 entried Bearded Collies. The flight went exceeded all expectations and I could not feel anything at Leeza, she was happy as always. We got a very good service with SAS.



April 25. 2013

Faxe local newspaper - My neighbor came and dropped the newspaper clip that she had received from her daughter who lives in Faxe - It was a surprise to see the clip, and I was of course awfully happy.

Breeder Anneli Dahl with the rosette Year Gold Bitch


April 15. 2013

Herding - It still goes only forwards with Leeza's herding. I'm still working a lot with driving away from me - Because Leeza is a type of Bearded Collie who want to bring the sheep up to me. I work a lot with getting Leeza to work on both sides (go bye and away) of the sheep when she drives the sheep away from me, it means that she can turn the flock drives away from me. In addition, I also work a lot with, to bring the sheep into the pen, which is in the middle of the field. I have not yet begun to work with obstructions on the field such as ports, as sheep to go through but as soon as driving away from me has been better, I will begin.
I've met a girl to a course, I participated in, she would like to take pictures of our herding - It is really exciting, finally, to get pictures of Leeza with the sheep.

In July I be at the herding camp with both M and Leeza.


March 24. 2013

Has been on Int dog show in Malmo, Sweden. I've only dreamed that Leeza got her Swedish Champion title. Judge Ratibor Rale Cekic - Serbia does seem like we, that Leeza deserved to be, as the winner of champion class with CK and best bitch 1, she also got the Swedish certificate and was today Swedish Champion, also she got CACIB and ended the day with best of breed.


Photo taken Show Of Winners 2013


February 21. 2013

Show Of Winners - Live streaming from the dogshow, where Leeza participate in Winners Cup on Saturday 23 February and Rose participates in Veteran Cup. You can follow the show on this link: from danish time 13.20 Winners Cup Heat 2 and Veteran Cup quarter-final from time approx. 16.20


January 15. 2013

New photos from today - Rose with her rosette: Year Veteran 2012


January 15. 2013

Our beautiful and beloved Emma has a Birthday today M is now 7 years age, and where does the time go fast, and where are all the years however, hurray for digital camera so we as often as we can - just take a lot of pictures and then choose the very best out.



January 05. 2013

Today we have been on a wonderful walk with the girls on Vaerloese airfield. The aerodrome is closed and now open to the public. The girls enjoyed being able to run freely on the large grass areas and we ended the walk with a search in a small wooded area.


December 20. 2012

We wish all our visitors here at homepage a Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year 2013


December 19. 2012

Boots to our Bearded Collies are now on Facebook - Susanne Stig. The boots can be used to walk, snow and of course the show. I have for many years made ​​these boots, and I started when I got my first Bearded Collie in 1992 and was on show. The first pair of boots I made ​​certainly did not seem like they do today, the material was different and buckles also look different, also sits the boots perfectly on the dog's legs and they can have them for several hours without moving. The boots are available in different colors and with different colors soles and buckles depending on whether you have a bitch or male dog.


December 5. 2012

We are waiting for Leeza goes into season, and we're looking for a male to her - A dog with fine qualities: A good construction and a good and friendly temperament, he does not need to have many show titles, we focus on the lines behind the male, his HD results and much like result from samples. It does not have to be Obedience or Herding but all results are important to look at, we think. We Welcomes us to present him here on the site, and on our domain which is not publicly before Leeza been breed.


November 25. 2012

Show - Leeza has today been showed at the Bearded Collie Club's Christmas Show in Herfølge hall with Judge Sue O'Brien. Leeza won her Champion class with the Club CAC and was Best Bitch and BOS, Leeza was also the year Gold Bitch the 2012th. Sue wrote a very nice critique at Leeza, and the Bearded Collie Club have given some super nice rosettes, as every day I would look at and be happy with the results. Additionally, there was chocolate from and more fine gifts. All exhibitors got a bottle opener which was stamped in metal as a Bearded Collie, the bottle opener came from Kennel Mama Lunas.

Our Rose is now Veteran was awarded the title of Veteran year 2012, and also got a beautiful rosette. We ended the day with the Christmas party with exhibitors and our Judge - A great day with a good atmosphere.


November 18. 2012

We are up at Anne´s farm and fit both boys and sheep, and we really really great time here. I have learned to drive ATV, and it was great when I drive out with the feed and wrap to the sheep the dogs run alongside "bandit" which I have given Anne's ATV nickname because, ATV 2 times stalled for me, the the first time because I had to see if Leeza was still where I had placed her, the boys will actually nicely stay up at the fence and does not run with the down the road. The second time because my hand just touch the orange button that is "dead man's button". Leeza love life as a farmer's girl but is now back home, is washed and is now herlev girl because we have a show on 25 November in Herfølge hall with the Judge Sue O'Brien Kennel Sammara England.


October 15. 2012

We hope that all is now back home from a successful Show National Specialty 2012 in Los Angeles, have good experiences and showresults with them back. Judge Sue O'Brian, England will judge The Bearded Collie Christmas Show on the 25 November in Herfølge, Zealand. Of course I am sorry that I still did not get the opportunity to meet Sue in LA, as planned.

Now we are waiting for Leeza's season, and we have to see when it will be. The season was scheduled for mid-October.

The herding precursor still good and it goes forward. Emma is about to start again after she has been home for a long period. I'm still working on that Rose shall have class 2 in obedience, and her title Rally Champion Intermediate, Leeza also must do her Rally Beginner class finished. I'm still working a lot with Leeza in obedience but has no plans to go to the competition with her ​​yet.


October 10. 2012

Today is it quite Leeza's day, and "what she wishes must she have" on her birthday - Leeza fills 4 years today. I think really just that Leeza wants big hugs the whole day and she will get it - Also today. I am going tonight to a lecture with Niina Svartberg, and lecture topic is: Rewardstraining for competition obedience.

September 22. 2012

Has today been on the city tour, Rose was with us. Today was it Sørens shoes that Rose would like to have by her side, other times it is her beloved teddy bear. Rose loves to get to the city and meet people, unfortunately there were not many in the city today. We always like to drink our coffee in a cafe, and today Rose would like to watch out on the empty street.





Unfortunately the pictures are very blurry

Today I have been herding with Leeza, and all the exercises went really well. We worked on 2 different fence today. The square and the fence with the lake. On the pen square worked Leeza with that, take the sheep both out of a corner and keep them up in a corner, and it had to be done in small steps at a time and both away and go by, Leeza did a really good job. The exercises on the fence with the lake went out on that Leeza should get the sheep up to me, she had to make one out run, an uptake and a driving back to me, and then drive the sheep past me and further around the lake to a at either corner in the fence. I stood completely still and could just direct her quietly. Leeza was incredibly proud after we finished the day's work, and I was too. Unfortunately we have no photos.


August 14. 2012

New photo - From my friend in Sweden, Ulrika Pettersson who owns Malinda´s Don Juan, Putte, took this photo of Leeza and me in showring last saturday.


August 11. 2012

Show - Leeza. Has just returned from Ronneby, Sweden. A nice weekend with Ulrika and Putte, which we visited in april month. Leeza was super happy for the reunion with Putte, and he was also happy to revisit Leeza - No doubt about it. The exhibition was well organized, the weather was good and the Judge critique was in order. It was a pleasant meeting with Anthony Kelly who said about Leeza: She is a lovely type. Anthony rewarded Leeza, winning her Champion class and 2nd best bitch of the day.



Anthony Kelly, Leeza and me

June 20. 2012

Our girls - M has been groomed and bathed today and I should have a picture of this beautiful girl with that unique Bearded head and expression!

M - Artisan First Frost


June 19. 2012

Our girls - Our beautiful girl Rose, Tailwind Papaw American Idol has a birthday today - 9 years old. Rose is an active girl and crazy happy for her agility, rally and obedience. Still, the best she knows - A ride in dad's car on Sunday morning to the bakery, she is ready at the door with her favorite teddy bear in the mouth.


June 16. - 17. 2012

Show - Leeza was this weekend entered the Danish Kennel Club show in Ballerup with CPHW show on June 17. Leeza has been in super show condition throughout the weekend. Saturday we were outdoors but lucky with the weather, we had no rain - Just up to a few drops. Leeza did really well both Saturday o Sunday, Saturday, she won the champion class with certificate quality and number 2 in the Best Bitch class with reserve CACIB (international certificate). Sunday Leeza again won the champion class with CK, and winner of Best Bitch class with CACIB and the title Copenhagen Winner and she ended the day by being placed as BOS.

June 12. 2012

Emma - Every morning, except when it is raining, Emma begins day with that look under the fence to the neighbor - Our neighbor have Indeed cat and Emma loves cats. Sometimes Emma lie down and wait for the cat sight. The couple living in the house must sometimes feel a little spied: O))



June 3. 2012

Rally Obedience - Rose and Leeza consisted both their classes today, and each received a promotion. Rose had 87 points originally 97, but deductions for mistakes made by me. Of course it is really annoying when we were so high in points. Rose finished as No. 8. on the day in time 2.10,98, and she is now ready to go in the next class. Leeza had its debut today, and she was well inside the exercises. Leeza got 90 points out of 100 and finished as No. 6. on the day by all 14 competitors in the time 2.38,19.

Rose - Rally Beginner Champion


May 28. 2012

Posted new pictures on the page: Show results - Leeza.


May 12. 2012

Today we have been at hiking in the Frederiksberg Garden very close to Copenhagen centrum, the weather was a little cold and it was bit rainy but we did not noticed it because we walked under the trees in the garden. We passed the new elephant house which faces out to Frederiksberg Gardens and there we stood for a moment and enjoyed the sight of elephants in their new surroundings - The elephants seemed to have it nice. Frederiksberg Have is a lovely place to walk, and there was plenty to look at, especially the many lakes including lots of herons, ducks and geese. We went back to the car at Pile Alle so the girls also got see something of the city.

An incredibly wonderful day in Frederiksberg Garden


May 5. 2012

Show - Leeza has today been entered the DKK INT show in Roskilde under judge Svein Helgesen from Norway. Besides it was a sunny day but really cold and I knew all the exhibitors, which was wonderful. Then there was a handler visiting from Canada. Trina Neil had entered her bitch in Champion class, and it was glorious again to meet Trina, whom I also met when I was in America at the National Specialty for Bearded Collies. I never thought that I would stand beside her in the ring - I was obviously very honored by this reunion with Trina. Leeza turned out really well, she ran well and she was beautiful, very naturally, with a wonderful free standing. Leeza won the Champion class and was Best Bitch with CACIB and last but not least - BOS.

photo here


April 27. 2012

Leeza was scanned on Wednesday and it turns out, unfortunately, that she probably has gone empty, and we will scan again in 14 days, so we can be completely sure, that Leeza is not pregnant. It's still really hard to understand that we probably do not get puppies this time after this fine combination / the perfect match between Leeza and Putte. Therefore, we scan again in 14 days.
Leezas next season be intended for around October the 15. and we have not yet decided whether we will return to Ulrika and Putte do the pairing again, or whether we should use another male. We will tell you here how our breeding plan will end out. We are so sorry! 


April 22. 2012

Agility - Rose and I participated today at a DGI Country Agility competition in Borsholm, North Zealand, we was today entry the Senior class. Both classes were really good classes but a challenge. Rose ran both agility classes through with 5 errors in each of them. It was a very friendly and moving run class. The jumping class had a challenge at jump number four 4, we should jump from the opposite side of the running direction. The first run was flawless but not so moving. The second run was more moving but here we were disqualified at jump number 4 It was a cold but beautiful day and we met a lot of dog friends that we have not seen in a long time.


April 21. 2012

Puppies - Leeza will be scanned on Wednesday and the results will be posted on this page and on the front page of the website. The pictures below here are from our visit with Ulrika o Put the end of March.

Leeza were really good at Ulrika and the Cottage where we stayed


Leeza is waiting on Putte at the veranda


April 7. 2012

Obedience - Leeza and I have today participate in a course at Sydkystens Dogs School and Conni Hansen: Think, Plan and Do. The course covers structuring of obedience training, by setting goals and evaluating exercises. The chart are made for each exercise in the obedience program, and divided into many small goals with evaluation for each objective. Some exercises can have 8 intermediate aim and may be be split into for example: Sit and stay in contact for 10 seconds, 20 seconds and finally 30 seconds. I've even made ​​my own chart and used these over the years but my own chart are not as detailed as those Conni have made. It was a good day and the weather was fortunately much better later that day. It was really nice to get going again with obedience.


April 5. 2012

Rally - Rose has today participated in a Rally obedience competition in Humlebaek in beginner class for the third time. The weather was great and we had lovely sunshine. The signs and the competition was a challenge for me. The first two signs were my absolutely challange and luckily it went well and also with the rest of the 15 last signs, and we ended this time with 90 points out of 100 points. There shall be 3 passed trials for a Rally Beginner Champion with 2 different judges, and since I have participated three times with the same judge was Rose not Rally Beginner Champion today. Next time we will participate with another judge and hope so that Rose will take the title Beginner Champion. It was nice to get started with the Rally season and I look forward to the forthcoming trials with our always: Happy working - Rose.


March 30. 2012

Leeza is now mated to Swedish Putte, and we await with great excitement on the scan about approx. 3 weeks. When Leeza has been scanned, we will put the information and results on the mainpage.

Leeza and Putte playing in the garden


Leeza and Putte are very fond of each other


March 18. 2012

Leeza was entered in the show yesterday at Malmö Dog Show in Sweden under judge Åke Cronander. Leeza took EX and CK and placed Best in Open Class No. 3 There were 14 bitches entered for dog show.



March 16. 2012

Leeza´s season has begun, and more information will come here when Leeza has been mated to Putte.


February 29. 2012

In 2011 Leeza was placed in the list of show dogs in the Danish Bearded Collie Club as and 2.nd best bitch.

Photo Anneli Dahl


February 25. 2012

We will breed our DKCH High Jack Va-Va-Voom - Leeza, as soon as she goes into season. There will be no change in the choice of sire. You are welcome to contact us for more detailed information about Leeza's season and mating to Putte, as still waiting for Leeza. We will notify you here on the site as soon as it happens!


January 15. 2012

Our Artisan First Frost - Emma's birthday today, 6 years. Time passes quickly suddenly we think, and Em is already a mature and well-grown girl. Happy Birthday M!


















December 22. 2011

Leeza's happy and enjoying these days I'm home. Enjoying the walk with Rose and Emma, and are not aware how much I'm waiting for her season! While we wait Christmas holiday is approaching and we have sent this Christmas card around to our friends and we say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.



December 15. 2011

I look every day at Leeza after a beginning season, and am looking forward to writing here on the site when the season has begun.

December 8. 2011

Has updated the page with Leeza show results.


December 7. 2011

Placed new pictures on the page: Puppies. By Leeza in run and standing freely. The pictures has my friend Joy taken in Skovlunde City Park.

Photo Joy Pedersen


December 6. 2011

Has updated the pages Obedience and Show Results - Rose, with pictures and text.


December 3. 2011

Leeza was herding this Saturday and it went really well. Leeza is very focused on me and she really wants to do everything so well. I worked with Leeza - get the sheep to me, and keep distance from sheep. The tasks I worked with was also successful, so I was happy and it was certainly also Leeza. Leeza need to get praise from me, and she enjoyed, to be free meant without commands, and reprimands were few. It will be interesting when we get to training next time and can continue where we left off last Saturday. It will proceed very quickly with the next tasks, because she is so easy to train.


November 31. 2011

At the show last Sunday had Anneli the beautiful Moose as a gift to Leeza because she had been DKCH. And we have already named the Moose Morten (in danish Elge Helge). All our teddies in the house have their own nicknames. Tobias had his rubber chew thing that had the look of a dinosaur it was named Dinosaur Dino (in danish Øgle Gøgle).


November 30. 2011

Have today received calculation of inbreeding coefficient 0% - When High Jack Va-Va-Voom - Leeza mate with Malinda´s Don Juan - Putte.

My first Bearded Collie Sheepish´s Tobby Toy Tuesday - Tobias would today have been 20 years, it is 9 years since we said goodbye to him and we can not understand he is still not here - Tobias is sadly missed every day.

Danish Kennel Club Show in Brøndby judge Vera Hübenthal


Simpson and Joy - Tobias and Sanne, litter brothers.


November 30. 2011

Link Agility & Rose are now posted on the website, I am started the translation and I will place more text and more pictures on the page soon.


November 27. 2011

Leeza is today judged by Roswitha Ploen, Germany in North Åby hall on Funen. Leeza was today for the first time showed in Champion class and got a nice criticism back home. Leeza took EX CK second winner and second BOS with clubcert.

Additionally, I am proud that Leeza was also the year BC LP (obedience) 2011 with its results obtained in Tønder and Hillerød.


November 25. 2011

Has updated and released the site with puppies. Has posted pictures of Malinda's Don Juan - Putte, who is the father of the puppies. We expect that Leeza goes into season in December, and the puppies will be born in early March. We are very pleased with this litter.


November 13. 2011

Has updated lately, herding training and courses, with images and text. There are a lot of pictures and text to be translated, it will take long time. Have also posted pictures on the side: The kennel.


November 6. 2011

Activity - Dogshow Leeza, Judge Barbara Müller, Germany said among other things that:  dark grey bitch excellent size, typical feminine head and expression, elegant neck, very good lenght in body, well laidback shoulder, and hindquarter, straight topline, moves happily with drive, excellent coat texture, well presented. Leeza took her third CAC and now she is Danish Champion. I showed Tailwind Papaw American Idol - Rose to as Veteran and Judge Barbara Müller, Germany said among other things that: 8 1/2 year old bitch who does not show the age at all. still absolutely perfect, excellent muscled, nice neck excelen long body, moves nicely and straight, Rose took Excellent and CK.


November 5. 2011

Activity - Dogshow Leeza, today and Judge Pirjo Aaltonen, Finland said among other things that: very feminine, in excellent showcondition, good proportions, nice outline, typical head with good proportions, nice expression typical topline, good forechest, well angulated, excellent coat, moves with good steps. Leeza took Excellent, CK and her second CAC.


October 11. 2011

Just returned from a travel to USA. Have traveled with a few dog friends we have been in Maine, Kennebunkport for the year's big Bearded Collie exhibition - National Specialty, where more than 350 Bearded Collies were judged. There were many fine dogs, and I looked mainly at dogs. I met so many nice people and I've got good friendships with me home. I met Anita and Pansy, and she is litter sister to our Rose. It was wonderful to hold her and be close to her, because I've only seen pictures of her. I also saw agility, rally and obedience. A night at the hotel, there was auction of many wonderful things with the Bearded Collie, I had bought a beardiestatue which I had long wanted, it was a BC in bronze and the statue has even numbered. Additionally, there were many things to buy, and I got everything I wanted. I would really like to travel next year when the exhibition is being held in LA, and it would be nice if I could have the girls with me on the trip.


Sanne o Pansy i Maine





Lovely Pansy - Littersister to our Rose


My winner dog S. Hart and Soul