Here I put photos and text in from training and courses. I will tentatively put photos of the exercises so you can see a consistency of work with dogs and sheep.

All news will be added on top of the page and the oldest and therefore also my first encounter with the sheep are quite at the bottom of the page.


Leeza was herding this Saturday and it went really well. Leeza is very focused on me and she really wants to do everything so well. I worked with Leeza - get the sheep to me, and keep distance from sheep. The tasks I worked with was also successful, so I was happy and it was certainly also Leeza. Leeza need to get praise from me, and she enjoyed, to be free meant without commands, and reprimands were few. It will be interesting when we get to training next time and can continue where we left off last Saturday. It will proceed very quickly with the next tasks, because she is so easy to train.

- HJ Va-Va-Voom - Leeza has begun her training with the sheep, and Leeza is as enjoyable to work with the sheep as she is with obedience. Leeza will be well away/out, work away/out from the sheep. When she works closely, for it makes her in too, so it is because she is not currently trained to commands and she has no routine with its location yet. Working with Leeza is a completely different way of working, and Anne also says: "There is no 2 dogs are trained the same way" and I can only give Anne right in. Leeza is not in the round pen or pens, each time we train, she is usually on the field, and Leeza gets all the help she needs. The training is also very varied, sometimes she gets commands, other times we are in the round pen or on the little fold, other times again it is training without sound and I just moved me around.


- Artisan First Frost - M, training again with Anne Egede Team Egemosen from January 2011

- Artisan First Frost - M, pauses with training from August 2010 to November 2010.


- Artisan First Frost - M, training with Camilla the june 17. 2010

Emma has gathered the sheep with me, and given the command "Lay down" while I can think of next task. I had toinclude put the sheep in the center of the pen (as seen  behind me). One task I had not worked with for long. First M pick up the sheep and the task to be solved correctly, and I want that the sheep are placed toward the corner and west of the center of the pen.


The sheep draws down against the fence. I'll wait here until they are further away, so I can make a new retrieval. A retrieval of the sheep is divided into 3 parts. out run, an uptake and a take in to shepherd. Right now I work with the expiry and the speed of the take in.


It would have been desirable that M had pulled further to the fence, and more behind the sheep, the takeup of the flock to me has become more collected.


Emma should have been behind the flock, instead of getting to me - So I try again! This time will  M stay behind the flock, she moves them too quickly, I command her lay down in the drive against the fence and take her with me when I pass her on the way to the sheep.


More photos and texts will be posted on this page