CORE and Fitpaws

We go ALL INN for CORE in our house - All of us girls use CORE !

The girls think it's fun, and jump around me as soon as the equipment is taken out of the bags. I use the tools too to strengthen my back and lower back.

The sports arena in Køge is a good option, because there is plenty room for all of us!

The girls are better at controlling their body and thereby avoid damage when they are in the fields, whether they work or are in open play.

Will try that a team to be able to start up, and I can buy more equipments from Fitpaws for example Peanut, which has a myriad of options for various good and fun exercises for girls using Peanut, Egg and Balance pillows and Bonebalance which can be laid in a circle or balance pillows and rocker boards are mixed between apart - There are countless possibilities with the equipments.

Leeza at her first visit - Doghnut

Leeza first visit at the board - Joy helps us